My Art Of Steven Universe

Over the last year on the convention circuit I got several requests for Steven Universe art – at the time I hadn’t seen the show and my rule of thumb is I never draw anything unwatched, and if I don’t like the show I don’t draw anything from it. I finally caught up with Steven Universe during a Cartoon Network Marathon Special, the kids had the channel on and I had just came in walking the dog. The ‘Stronger Than You’ sequence was on and it stopped me in my tracks and I watched the Marathon.

Now the show is still a little silly, but it has a positive message of inclusion and finding ways to solve problems just be understanding what the other person needs, and then giving that to them. It really is a quite well done animation and I was impressed. While I wont go hunting this show down to watch it, it has a lot of heart and not a bad way to spend fifteen minutes of your time.

The Art

So, I put aside the first week of November to have a go at drawing the main characters from Steven Universe, mainly Steven and the Crystal Gems. I draw mostly at sketch card level and like using these side art journeys to learn new techniques and then incorporate what I feel works into my own style – my work during my Powerpuff Girl Sketch Cards heavily influenced my new drawing style for my Teddy Bears. Anyhow, here is my Steven Universe Sketch Cards below.

The Technique Learned

In this case, my brief trip down the Steven Universe Rabbit Hole helped my refine my human form techniques, especially stance and facial expressions. Sure, it is cartoony, but fits very well into the world of The Teddy Bear Tales. The sketch cards also helped my gain greater confidence in directly using my inktense pencils for line drawing, Lion for example is drawn just with the Fuchsia pencil.

Drawing this art was fun, just like the show. Enjoy.

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