We Are Not Mean’t To Stay On Earth The Journey Must Continue #iwanttobelieve

East Coast Night SkyLast night I took a few minutes tonight to look up into the night sky, everyone should from time to time, just to feel the enormity of the cosmos and its wonder. With no clouds in the sky, I could see all the stars flying over my head. It all feels so close you could almost reach out, grab them and ride the light fantastic. Continue reading

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson come alive and dance in this wonderful animation short by Adam Brown

'Let's Dance' my Calvin and Hobbes Tribute by Nick Davis

‘Let’s Dance’ my Calvin and Hobbes Tribute by Nick Davis

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson was one of those classic strips that made you smile, that had a touch of wonder of joy in its telling. I discovered Calvin and Hobbes  a lot later than most people, but I am spellbound the storytelling that Bill weaves… I can only hope I catch a speck of this in my Teddy Bear Tales. Continue reading

A surprising retelling of a Teddy Bear Tale and a magic moment

Tristan on the shelfI spent the day at the local library finding a creative rhythm and keeping it going. I’m writing, sketching, writing and sketching; you might of seen some results of my work on the A Teddy Bear Tale & My Facebook page. Anyway, see the image above, again fairly rough, but my training wheels are still very much on.

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