NBC Wonder Woman has an outfit change…

New Wonder Woman OutfitNot sure if this happened because of fan pressure, (I really had no problem with the old one), but Wonder Woman has now undergone an outfit change. Well, pants and boots anyway. Still think she needs the short jacket of the new DC incarnation of Wonder Woman (think of the children!), and Adrianne Palicki really needs to work on her running facial expressions.

Sneak Peak at the NBC Wonder Woman reboot outfit

The picture first popped up on the Entertainment Weekly website, Adrianne Palicki in the NBC rebooted Wonder Woman outfit. For comparisons sake I put her next to the DC rebooted Wonder Woman outfit. You check out the  full outfit picture after the jump.

But before you jump, Ms Palicki could be an interesting fit to play Sarah from my Tether Saga novels. What do you think?

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