DCnU52 Justice League Reboots by Paulo Siqueira

Wonder Woman my reboot by ~PauloSiqueira on deviantART

Artist Paulo Siqueira had his own take the DCnU52 reboot, with an interesting mix of muted colors and retro outfits. Check out his Wonder Woman and other A-listers from the Justice League by clicking the Wonder Woman above.

Review – DCnU52 Wonder Woman #1 by Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang, a surprise read…

DCnU52 Wonder Woman Number OneWonder Woman #1
Publisher DC Comics
Written by Brian Azzarello
Art & Cover by Cliff Chiang

The only reason I picked up Wonder Woman #1 was simply because you had to get the first issue of Wonder Woman in relaunch. I really didn’t know what to expect from it, in my experience I’ve not really enjoyed Wonder Woman as a stand alone title it never seems to quite work. Almost as if the writers never knew what to do with her, Princess or Warrior? Ambassador for Peace or Warrior? What is she?  Continue reading

Did NBC pass on an awesome TV moment by canceling Wonder Woman new images here

I encountered new images from the now canceled NBC Wonder Woman series today, and it made me think maybe we are missing out on an awesome TV moment. I mean lets face it the 70’s series wasn’t exactly award winning TV, but it had a certain naive charm about it that entertained enough for three seasons of solid ratings. Perhaps the reboot would of done the same thing? We wont now until an affiliate picks up the pilot, but this looks like it could of been fun. New Wonder Woman images of Adrianne Palicki after the jump (warning she is wearing hot pants).

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The final outfit picture from the now cancelled Wonder Woman pilot

As we all know NBC cancelled the Wonder Woman pilot after some pretty poor feedback ranging from the original outfit posted in a promo picture (plastic pants?), to the idiotic attempt at changing who Wonder Woman is (it ain’t Sex in the City meets the Amazons).

I guess as a final goodbye a picture was posted of Adrianne Palicki in the full traditional outfit (yes that means hot pants), frankly she didn’t have to do this piece of fan service; but all power to her for this. Thank you for the picture Adrianne, you really were in a project that was pretty much doomed from the start and I hope it doesn’t hurt your career. The full picture is posted after the jump Continue reading