The Justice League Movie A Bag Full Of Misses

Justice League LogoI am going to open this mini-review of the Justice League movie with this statement, DC books were the first american superhero comic books I started collecting, it started on a rainy afternoon in the early 1990’s, in the Waterstones bookstore in the heart of Leicester. I picked up Justice League Europe (part of the Giffen era) and I was hooked. It was humor, super-heroics, paced action and sang with the joy of hope. I was hooked and spent a lot to time and money, back collecting Justice League, International, Europe and a few crossovers. So, it is safe to say I’ve been fan of DC for over 25 years.

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Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – A Wonder Woman

She Is A Wonder WomanIt has been a long time since I last posted a Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone blog, this semi-irregular series chronicles my evolution of drawing style, as I attempt to breathe new life into the abilities I had with a pencil over twenty years ago and draw my way out. Along the way we’ve seen me have a go at PowerPuff Girls and Steven Universe as learn a different style.

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It Is DCEU v The World… Again… Again… With The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad v the World

First lets start this post with this – it is possible to be a fan of something and still be able to criticize it, this act does not make you less of a fan, it just means you expected better. With that being said it looks like the latest release from the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) Suicide Squad has been largely lambasted by the critics for being another DCEU train wreck.

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Wonder Woman Fan Made Trailer… Could this give Diana a new life and movie direction?

_1361984826I know this has been knocking around the internet for a few weeks now, but I just uncovered it myself the other day and thought it would be a pretty cool idea to share this. This is a fan-made trailer and although there are parts of it that are little ropy there is an interesting feel that this really could work to kick start the Wonder Woman movie project. Yes, the take isn’t that original, the war hero waking up in modern times but it does fit Wonder Woman’s origins of fighting Nazi’s during World War II. Anyhow don’t take my word for it check out the trailer below. Continue reading

A re-imagined trailer for the failed NBC Wonder Woman Pilot

Wonder WomanOver 2011 we followed the ups and downs of the NBC attempted relaunch of the Wonder Woman franchise on their network.  After the teaser release of the Wonder Woman outfit, and the amusing outrage it produced, the entire production fell to series of focus groups and poorly thought out rewrites.

The final product was so bad, and remember NBC are the network who released the Cape, that the Pilot of was shelved and we may never see the final cut. Bits and pieces have leaked out on the net, some of it dire, some it mediocre and some of it actually looked okay. Yesterday I discovered a re-imagined trailer for the raw footage from the Wonder Woman Pilot, I think it contain clips from all the action sequences and actually doesn’t look that bad. Take a look for yourself after the jump. Continue reading