Start Spreading the News… A Teddy Bear Tale II is out now!

I am very happy to announce that A Teddy Bear Tale II is now available to buy in the Teddy Bear Tale store as of today! This book was a long time in coming and tells Tristan’s new adventure as he takes on the Green Headed Monster to save the magical Toy Train and happiness itself. Along the way Tristan picks up a new companion Wilma Bunny, flies in the Golden Goose, encounters new Monsters under the Bed and stumbles into the World within a World. It is in this book that Tristan’s adventures really begin…

This all ages tales is illustrated by Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes and is written by Nick Davis. To read Tristan’s new adventure you can order A Teddy Bear Tale II by clicking here.

First Look at the pencil rough for page one of A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful

Sneak Peak of A Teddy Bear Tale II by Dan Nokes

Rough Pencil by Dan Nokes from A Teddy Bear Tale II

The journey begins anew… Today I received the first pencil rough for page one of A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful from long standing Teddy Bear Tale artist Dan Nokes. This is whole new adventure for our faithful Teddy Bear and he is joined by his new companion Wilma Bunny, as they risk new perils defending his child from the Monsters in the night. Enjoy this sneak peak, it is a hint of the adventure that lies ahead for Tristan…

First Look at the NEW Cuddy Defender Wilma Bunny for a Teddy Bear Tale II

Wilma BunnyIn the middle of our last Kickstarter project for A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional I stumbled upon Dotsbears and Dot agreed to produce a Tristan for me; giving us a fantastic bear to accompany the book.

Now with A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful, I asked Dot to make the new Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny and today I got to approve the prototype. Below is the first sneak peak look at Tristan’s friend Wilma, sans tutu and she still needs her hair brushing. Once complete she will stand 16″ with fully moveable limbs and fluffy white tail.

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Join the pledge race to win the Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny

Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny by Nick Davis

I need your help, I have the story complete and production templates complete. I have Dan Nokes waiting with pen in hand to start illustrating all I need to do is pay him, after all artists do need to eat. To do this A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two needs to win its full funding on Kickstarter and this is were you can help!

Every day I take up the One Pledge A Day to see if we can get one pledge towards this project to win the funding. I’m now challenging you my Backers to help me launch. Please shout, scream, Facebook, Tweet, Myspace, Email, arm twist, Tumblr, Social Media everyone you know about this project. For every Backer you get to pledge money to this project you score one point to win the new 16″ Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny hand made by Dot from Dotsbears.

Wilma Bunny was the old cuddly toy that belonged to Tristan’s Boy’s Sister, she is a white bunny with red ribbon on her ears, blue eyes and a slightly grubby pink tutu. Don’t be fooled by this Bunny’s cute appearance she is feisty and more than a match for our heroic Teddy Bear.

Just get the Backer refer you in a message to me on Kickstarter and I will keep tally. At the end of this month if we win full funding the Backer with the highest score wins a FREE Wilma Bunny along with a copy of the new book. To learn more about the Kickstarter Project for A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two please click here –

Now please help me A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two launch!
Nick Davis

Quick Sketch – Wilma the Bunny, a concept of a possible character from A Teddy Bear Tale Book Two

Wilma BunnyYes I know A Teddy Bear Tale is barely out of the door and I’m already exploring options for a sequel. With the help of Dan Nokes and his daily Quick Sketch challenge I’m exploring concepts of possible characters that may appear in this tale. The above sketch is Wilma Bunny, a possible new companion for Tristan in his next set of adventures. Continue reading