The Death Of White Dwarf Magazine? I Guess All Good Things End

White Dwarf 223

I am pretty certain the White Dwarf I started working on had a Lizardman on it

I know I’m really out of the loop on this, but I’ve recently learned that White Dwarf Magazine, the long-lived and storied Games Workshop in-house hobby magazine had seen its last days of publication. Continue reading

WH40K Adeptus Astartus Ursus Theodorus aka Space Marine Teddy Bear Cuddly Sketch

Space Marine Teddy Bear

Space Marine Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Adeptus Astartus Ursus Theodorus

Aka Space Marine Teddy Bear – this was a Southern Maryland Comic-Con request for the Cuddly Sketch Cards. The mightiest of all Teddy Bear warriors the Space Marines. Finished in Derwent inktense pencils and black ink.

You can view the entire Cuddly Sketch Card range and request a favorite character of your own to be drawn a little more Cuddly than normal by clicking here.