Take A Look At The New Look Teddy Bear Tales Website

The Teddy Bear Tales WebsiteThe Teddy Bear Tales website was long overdue for a revamp. So today I broke out my Web Designer skills and I spent the day giving Tristan’s home on the internet a brand new look. You can check it out at www.theteddybeartales.com, whadda ya think?

Introducing Artist Alley Comics digital creator owned indie books take a look you will be surprised

Artist Alley ComicsBouncing around on the Internets today I ran into this interesting little website, it is called Artist Alley Comics. It is created by a small group of indie artists who have banded together to present their wears in digital format. So far they have a sample of each one of their books up there, all of them a good read with my favorite being Annie Ammo. Anyhow, don’t take me word for it go and click the link and check out Artist Alley Comics…

Why the Nolan Batman movies suck… Hard to disagree with some of these…

This list was posted over on the Superman World Blogspot and then it appeared in the Comic Book Resource Twitter feed.

Its the Top Ten Reasons why the Nolon Batman movies suck, its hard not disagree with some of them. After all both Batman movies are very good movies, just in my opinion not very good comic book movies. An example of a good comic book movie was Ironman that was also released this year.

Click here to read the article.


New Blog Discovery – The Mockingbird Nerd Blogspot

The Mockingbird Blog SpotToday I stumbled across a new blog, called The Mockingbird Nerd Blogspot. The owner is an English ex-pat named Jen, who is a huge Marvel fan, and she has created some amazing illustrations based on their characters.

Here are her own words that introduce her blog – A British nerd invading Atlanta. Loves marine life, Marvel comics, and going to conventions in costume. Oh dear.

Check it out today, by clicking the link below, its worth a nosy around –
The Mockingbird Blogspot