A Teddy Bear Tale Awakenings Goes Live On Webtoon

Awakenings - A Teddy Bear WebtoonsTa da! I would like to introduce to you all my brand new webcomic ‘A Teddy Bear Tale – Awakenings’ Live on the Webtoon. A comic book adaptation of the Teddy Bear Tale Illustrated Story Book, this never seen before story is set to publish weekly as we explore the new adventures of Tristan the Teddy Bear. View The Webtoon Here

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Reintroducting Sigmartyr – A Stikfas Action Figure Webcomic

Sigmartyr Action Figure Webcomic

Did you know I scripted, shot, built sets and produced an action figure photo web comic? It was called Sigmartyr and chronicled the story of a group of Biologically Altered Soldiers in an unending war for resources. This web comic used Stikfas for the players and GI Joe Sigma Six Vehicles for vehicles and props. You can view the entirety of Sigmartyr Volume One here.

Hero Ted – Saving the World Before Bedtime A Brand New Teddy Bear Tales Comic

Hero - A Teddy Bear Superhero

Meet Hero, a Superhero Teddy Bear who is out to save the world just before bedtime in our brand new Teddy Bear Tales Webcomic. Hero is a new character to Tristan’s world, and who he is, how he fits in and how this Teddy Bear gets his powers will be explored in his (semi)weekly webcomic.

Hero Ted’s story, like all Superhero stories starts with Origins, wherein we find out how this heroic Bear got his powers. All his adventures will be written and drawn by Teddy Bear Tales Author Nick Davis.

I hope you follow on as we explore this new part of the Teddy Bear Tales Universe, and join me in welcoming Hero… Click here to begin the adventure!

A 52 Step Journey Into Cartoons And Comic Strips With Unconditional Hugs

The Final Unconditional Hugs Comic Strip

The Final Unconditional Hugs Comic Strip

Unconditional Hugs, the comic strip about a Teddy Bear and his Boy comes to an end today, after 52 strips I am closing out what has been a year-long creative journey for me, as I attempted to teach myself how to draw comic strip stories. Continue reading

Tristan showing off his new illustrated book Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to the Moon

Tristan the Teddy Bear shows off his new illustrated story - Tristan Goes to the Moon.It is in… The book of the webcomic Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to the Moon is now available, and our heroic little Teddy is checking out this illustrated imagination adventure for ages 3 plus. You can check out the book here. Continue reading