Reintroducting Sigmartyr – A Stikfas Action Figure Webcomic

Sigmartyr Action Figure Webcomic

Did you know I scripted, shot, built sets and produced an action figure photo web comic? It was called Sigmartyr and chronicled the story of a group of Biologically Altered Soldiers in an unending war for resources. This web comic used Stikfas for the players and GI Joe Sigma Six Vehicles for vehicles and props. You can view the entirety of Sigmartyr Volume One here.

New Teddy Bear Tale Project revealed Tristan and the Teddy Bear Tale Webcomic!

Tristan the Teddy Bear Tales WebcomicTaking advantage of the only week I had open before the production work on Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders graphic novel really begins, I started working on a new Teddy Bear Tale project. Taking inspiration from Time of Hugs and other Webcomics I decided to work on a version featuring Tristan. Now it is ready for release I am very proud to present to you all A Teddy Bear Tale Webcomic and its first installment Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to the Moon. Continue reading

A 24 hour Ty Templeton Comic Book Challange – The Last Day by Rodrigo Bravo

ThelastdayEvery now and again I pay a visit to the Ty Templeton’s Art Land home of the Bunny Toons and a great place for insight into the mainstream comic book business. Also the Bunny Toons weekly comic is well written and offers some interesting looks at life. The last update Ty hosted a 24 hours comic book challenge and posted the results to his blog – you can click here to check them all out.

My personal favorite of the bunch was The Last Day by Rodrigo Bravo, a 24 page strip with no dialogue at all. Please click here to read it, warning though it is a little bit of a tear jerker at the end.

Sigmartyr – An Unofficial Action Figure Action Webcomic – Those We Leave Behind Part Two

Stikfas Action Figure ComicThe Unofficial Action Figure Webcomic Sigmartyr continues… To cover the escape of Alpha team the heroic Coalition Mech Commander is in a fight to the finish with Omega Commander Castle…  Click here to view this epic story…