Looks Like Hurricane Joaquin Might Be Joining Us This Weekend – Safety Tips [UPDATED]

Hurricane Joaquin Coming To BaltimoreGiven current predicts it looks likes Hurricane Joaquin may be joining us over the weekend, although I suspect by the time it gets to us it will be a tropical storm, or just a soggy depression. However, there remains a possibility we will get blasted by a lot of rain and see some wild woolly storms aiming to rip through Baltimore in the next few days. I am re-posting my public awareness blog, packed full of recommend safety tips to take you through the upcoming extreme natural event.

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Big Bad Baltimore Blow Up or aka that bloody big storm that hit us Friday night…

Storm Damage on 06/30/2012Did we all enjoy that storm that came barreling through Friday night? It hit us with no real warning and was pretty wild. It knocked out power all over Maryland and some of you are still out as I type this. We were pretty lucky here we only lost power for about three hours, so when the morning came along with those insane triple digit temperatures we at least had the ability to keep ourselves cool. In all here in our part of Essex we received a little damage, the worse being that downed tree just a block up from us, it did get windy and at one point I thought the pool was going collapse, but we got very lucky.   Continue reading