Preview Video Of Upcoming The Cuddly Defenders Comic #SampleSunday

Tristan the Teddy Bear holding his latest comic Out of the AtticOn Friday I got the sample run of the latest Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders Comic – Out of the Attic that was made possible by my supporters of Kickstarter. After the jump you can watch a video preview of his new comic book, enjoy 🙂  Continue reading

Can One Cosplayer Really Disrupt An Entire Comic Con? The Answer Will Surprise You…

Deadpool Courtesty of V Art & PhotographyDuring the weekend of VA Comic Con I experienced for the first time ever exactly what happens when you have a Cosplayer become disruptive and think they are THE show. If you want to read my full review of the train-wreck show please click here. Continue reading

While Children Sleep Teddy Bears Protect Them From the Monsters Under the Bed

Mean TeddyAs you know I am busy building the Teddy Bear Tales comic series and the Teddyverse so we can launch the Quarterly Comic and continue the adventures of our heroic plushy pals as they take on the Bogeyman, and his Legions of the Monsters under the Bed. Continue reading

The Flying Man a real-world look at superheroes and a disturbing insight into unchecked vigilantism

FlyingmanThis amazing short called The Flying Man by  has been doing the rounds. It is a very well made look into what would happen if Punisher-like vigilante with superpowers is rampant on our streets. Some of you may think that is pretty cool… This short after the jump paints a much more disturbing picture. Continue reading

CARGO – the story of one infected Father’s desperate plight to save his baby during the Zombie apocalypse


Topfest Australia 2013 Finalist – CARGO – Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, an infected father sets in motion an unlikely and desperate plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter. This is a bittersweet movie that tells a story of love and humanity in a genre that is rapidly getting played out. View the entire movie after the jump. Continue reading