Project Fabula Update #9: T-Minus 10 Days and counting!

Wow, we are down to the last 10 days of my Kickstarter campaign to gather enough pledges to met my funding goal. The prospects of launching Project Fabula are starting to look fairly grim now, but never say die, right?

Ten days and anything yet can happen.

I’m still hoping we can pull something out of the bag here; so if you’ve haven’t already done this. Please help launch Project Fabula by pledging (if  can), tweeting about it, emailing your friends, Facebook and of course blog about this anthology mashup of illustrated prose and comic book story telling.

I would love to launch Fabula in it’s fully planned publication form for Baltimore Comic Con, together we can all make this happen.

T-minus 10 and counting…

Click the link to view the Project Fabula Kickstarter Project in full –

Nick Davis

Update #8: Fallen off the Grid and into the crab bucket

Ugh… Today I fell off the grid and to be totally honest gave myself a huge crisis of confidence about Project Fabula. The one place where I thought I would get some enthusiastic feedback and encouragement about a project designed to showcase Indie Creators, turned into a huge crab bucket fest and shook me up.

If you can’t get indies to be enthusiastic about a indie project then what can you do? Maybe its just because its a new idea and people are afraid of new ideas…

I know that Project Fabula is a good idea, no one out there is doing a mashup of illustrated prose and comic book stories in one publication, and certainly no one is attempting to do this in a publication that will be coming out quarterly. The stories I’ve got lined up for the first issue are freaking awesome and once we add illustrations to it they are going to light up the page.

The idea is sound and can be carried across printed and eBook formats!

Maybe where I am looking to talk about it and promote isn’t?

I’m 15 days out from completing my run here and things are looking grim as the odds are now stacked against me. I ask any of you who take there time to read this post to please get the word out about Project Fabula, to Tweet, Facebook, Blog, or talk about it. Plus if you have the dime to spare please pledge your support to help Project Fabula launch!

Together we can do this and help each other climb out the Crab bucket! Please click the link here –


Update #7: Sneak Peak at Project Fabula Issue One Comic Script – The Lamia Chronicles

With todays Project Fabula update I’ve decided to give you all sneak peak at one of the comic panel stories that will be in the pages of Project Fabula Issue #1. The story is prolog to a series that we are calling the Lamia Chronicles; I wont spoil it for you and will just let you read the script by clicking the link below.

To learn more about Project Fabula and leave a pledge to help launch this quarterly publication please click the link below.



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