An Unconditional quick sketch by Dan Nokes featuring the second Monster under the Bed… The No Noses

Tristan the Teddy Bear vs the No NoseDan Nokes is currently working on the concept sketches for the Monsters under the Bed for Unconditional, above is a possible image for the Monster known as the No Nose.  Continue reading

From Unconditional the first of the Monsters from under the Bed appear introducing the No Names…

No Name MonsterThe work for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale continues and the first Monster roles off the sketch pad of Dan Nokes. Introducing to you the No Names, a Monster from under the bed that is so low on the monster totem pole they have no name; Dan has captured this Monsters anonymity perfectly. Continue reading

Artist Dan Nokes creates a Promo poster for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale

Unconditional - A Teddy Bear's Tale Art by Dan NokesDan Nokes, the artist who will be the creator of the whimsical images for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale has created a cool promo poster for this whimsical tale and has sent be a full concept breakdown of images too, check out the gallery after the jump. Plus you can help us launch Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale by pledging on Kickstarter to help us meet our funding goal click here to learn more on Kickstarter.

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Unconditional – A new Project Fabula based on a moment of whimsy uncovers a Teddy Bears sacred duty

Tristan the Teddy Bear defending a barricade against the Monsters under the bedTeddy Bears perform a secret duty so great that they endure the hardship of their child growing up and finally abandoning them, for this task is the most important and most sacred one in the whole world. When their child sleeps at night the Teddy Bear vigilantly watches over them to protect them from the Monsters under the bed…  Continue reading

A quick sketch of Tristan the Teddy Bear by Dan Nokes from my latest story Unconditional

Tristan the Teddy BearMeet Tristan the Teddy Bear, the main character from my latest short story – Unconditional. You see Tristan has a secret, a scared duty to protect his Boy from the Monsters under the Bed, as you can see in his amazing image. Unconditional is the tale of his last night watching over his Boy and the night the Monsters under the Bed decide to attack. Continue reading