Quick Sketch Challenge inspired by a passage from Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale

Tristan the Teddy Bear - Quick sketch on a shelfA quick sketch inspired from a passage from the pages of Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale; In this room you will find a small wooden shelf at the head of a bed and on this shelf is a set of books, an alarm clock, sometimes a collection of loose change, this is where the most faithful of friends sits day after day, night after night unmoving a little dusty and threadbare. Continue reading

First Look – Tristan Lives!!! from A Teddy Bear’s Tale

Tristan Lives!When I first wrote Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale I never thought I would see Tristan beyond my mind’s eye, now the story it turning into a beautiful illustrated book by Dan Nokes, and powered to launch with the help of some amazing pledges on Kickstarter.

Now we’ve gone one step beyond the printed page and now Tristan the Teddy Bear lives!!! as an actually Teddy Bear. Tristan is hand made in the USA with movable arms, legs and I believe head;  the picture posted is a work in progress picture of Tristan, he is a little shaggy but he is getting a trim tomorrow. This is extremely exciting for me to see one of my characters take form in this way, it is a really magical experience and I cannot wait to share with you all pictures of Tristan when he is complete. Thank you all for helping to make this happen and yes you will be able to own a Tristan of your own as I will be introducing him as a pledge option so watch for updates! Continue reading

First color ink test for a Teddy Bear’s Tale using a very surprising subject Dr Who the Teddy Bear

Dr Who the Teddy BearWhile this kick ass Dr Who inspired illustration is unrelated to Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale; well unrelated by it not being an image from the book, but most definitely an inspired piece with it being a Dr Who as a Teddy Bear. Dan Nokes used it as his first color test with his first time out of the gate use of color inks, given his B/W ink shading skills I’m not surprised he pretty much knocked this illustration out of the park. This image also gives you a very good idea of the coloring style that will be used throughout Unconditional and I’m very excited for the upcoming Unconditional tests. I had to share this though, because its an extremely cool illustration in itself. Continue reading

Book signing at the Annual Open House at the Dundalk Armory & an Ironbear Quick Sketch!!!

National Guard Open HouseToday I was at the Annual Holiday Open House at the Dundalk Armory at a Book Signing for my Alt World books, the event itself was muted but the interest to ratio of people was very high. One of the great things about the Annual Open House is 50% of your proceeds go towards helping the families of deployed Soldiers, it gave me the chance to spread the word further about my books, with A Teddy Bear Tales getting a lot of interest; one would say it was a #winning event for me. Continue reading

From Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale meet a Boggle

Monster under the Bed - a BoggleThere is one Monster under the Bed we’ve not looked at yet and Unconditional artist Dan Nokes has done a quick sketch of it. In fact it might be a bit unfair to refer to this one as a Monster at all. Ever wondered what happened to those toys when you were a kid, the incomplete, half broken ones that you put down for a second? Or put away to fix and play with another day? I would like you too meet a Boggle, they are collectors and fixers of discarded and broken toys. They are Nomadic Tinkerers who redistribute toys to deserving children and wouldn’t harm a fly. Continue reading