Next the Bogeyman sent out the Knockers, Blighters, and Silly Buggers as Tristan channels Kirby

Tristan vs the Monsters under the bedA concept sketch by Dan Nokes of Tristan defending his child from the Monsters under the Bed, learn more about this project at

Tristan Lives!!! The Defender Bear from Unconditional comes home to meet his Creator

Some of you that are following the Facebook page may of seen these already, I came home to find a very large box waiting for me. Which mean’t the prototype of Tristan arrived at my house and he looks simply amazing!!! He has to be one of the best Teddy Bears I’ve ever seen. I can tell you now the pictures below do not to Tristan justice, he is one wonderful looking bear, check out the pictures after the jump. Continue reading

Tristan Lives!!! Learn how you can own Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear

Tristan Lives!!!A Teddy Bear born from a collection of words, that inspired a quick sketch that led to the amazing Unconditional – A Teddy Bear Tale Kickstarter project is now very real!!!  Continue reading