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Drum roll please… I would like to unveil the cover for A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional

A Teddy Bear Tale Book CoverBook production is a marathon and the journey for A Teddy Bear Tale has been long eventful and simply amazing. Without all your help and the amazing art of Dan Nokes I would of never got this project this far. As we head into the last leg production the cover for this illustrated tale has been completed and I want to share it with you all… Please let me know what you think 🙂

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Sneak Peak at A Teddy Bear Tale art & words from Page Seven

A Teddy Bear PreviewWith a hop, skip, and a jump Tristan landed on his shelf and reached behind the books pulling out a small wooden sword painted silver, a ragged red tabard with the letter T on it and a Frisbee shaped shield. His boy had made those in a long-forgotten game of Knights of the Round Table, dubbing the Teddy Bear Sir Tristan the Brave. Indeed this night was showing how true those words were…

Production work continues and thanks to Dan we might even finish ahead of schedule, thank you all again for your support and please spread the word about the website –

A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional An Illustrated Children’s Book

TeddyBearCover-200A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional
An Illustrated Children’s Story Book by Nick Davis
Art by Dan Nokes 

Did you know Teddy Bears perform a secret duty a task that is the most important and most sacred one in the whole world. When a child sleeps at night their Teddy Bear vigilantly watches over them to protect them from the Monsters under the bed…

In this room you will find a small wooden shelf at the head of the bed, and on this shelf is a set of books, an alarm clock, and sometimes a small collection of loose change. This is where the most faithful of friends sits day after day, night after night, unmoving though a little dusty and threadbare. He wears a red stocking cap and has amber eyes yet he never blinks, and a smiley mouth yet he never talks. His honey fur once fluffy and soft is worn with age; if you look closely enough, you can see a little white stuffing poking out the side of his portly belly. It never stopped him from giving unconditional hugs and he never once wavered in his love for his boy. The loyal companion was paired at birth and he traveled far and wide, seeing much by his boy’s side, often being dragged by one limb or by ear. He was the attentive playmate that never had a falling out, the confidant that never told a secret and was always there to help wipe away any tears. Those days had long since stretched into weeks, into months and then into years. The loyal companion’s boy grew up and slowly played less and less with him until he was abandoned on the shelf at the head of bed only occasionally remembered or addressed by name. Even though the hugs have stopped and he is reduced to being no more than a book stop, he patiently keeps watch. Continue reading

Check out the new page samples for A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional

A Teddy Bear TaleAs production work continues on this tale of whimsy, thanks to Dan Nokes amazing turn around. I’m now at a stage where I can post samples for the opening pages of A Teddy Bear Tale you can view these sample pages by clicking here.