What I Learned From Watching Magnum PI

Thomas Sullivan Magnum From Magnum PIOver the last three months, I have sat down and watched all 168 episodes of Magnum P.I, perhaps the most 80’s of TV shows and in my opinion the best buddy detective show ever made. But, what was the magic of this show? What made Magnum so popular and timeless? Let’s go for a ride my friends, and see what I have learned from watching Magnum P.I after the jump.

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Opinion – When Did it Become Okay to Hate? #NewAEShows

Where did it all go wrong?This has been bothering me for some time, a shift in attitude over the last few years which has become more evident and getting the point you are rewarded the more you hate, the more you spread fear and loathing. Does that seem right? Continue reading

This is my Doctor the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and now he is part of my Doctor Who Cuddly Sketch Cards

The Fourth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Fourth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker in the 1974 Doctor Who TV series, this was my Doctor the one I grew up with, it was the Monsters he faced that had me hiding behind the sofa. In many ways he is considered to be the most recognizable Doctor and he certainly had one of the longest TV reigns defining the role as a whimsical and sometimes brooding individual whose enormous personal warmth is at times tempered by his capacity for righteous anger. Continue reading

How I would have written Clara Oswin Oswald the ‘new’ Doctor Who Companion

Dr-ClaraNow I’m not really what you would call a huge fan of Doctor Who, its a fun series to watch and it has been really cool seeing a revival of TV series I watched when I was kid; but it’s not really high up on my must watch chart. I have though seen a lot of Doctor Who as my wife is a born-again Whovian and seen some pretty good episodes. Sadly this entire recent season of Doctor Who has been lacking something… Continue reading