Evolution of a Page – A Teddy Bear Tale II Page Nine Rough

Page Nine from A Teddy Bear Tale

Art Rough of Page Nine of A Teddy Bear Tale by Dan Nokes

“Suddenly the air was filled with flying corks and screaming down from above was a pair of No Names in bright red biplanes.”

Over the next couple of days we are going to follow the evolution of a page from A Teddy Bear Tale II from rough to finished illustration. The illustration is by Dan Nokes, our Teddy Bear Tale artist and this is how the page takes shape from description to fully realized image.  The rough image above is the first step in the process as our characters leap from prose to illustration. In this case Tristan & Wilma are over flying the Toy Train, and are about to be attacked by a pair of No Names in Biplanes, a fairly action packed and dynamic scene, which the rough demonstrates.  Continue reading