We Baited Our Tiger Trap With a Tuna Fish Sandwich And Look What We Caught…

We baited out tiger trap with a tuna fish sandwich and caught Horace the TigerHorace the Lonely Tiger

We caught Horace the Tiger… This special cuddly toy is searching for playtime, this lonely tiger has never experienced the joy of playing and to just go exploring.

Left forgotten on a storeroom shelf, Horace decided to set off on a quest to find his playtime companion after watching a young girl play with her Cuddly Bunny.

First he went exploring, discovering all the places children play and the hidden portals used by the Monsters under the Bed to travel from the realm of Underbed to our world. Now he travels from bedroom to bedroom stopping the Boogeyman and his Monsters under the bed from invading our bedtime; as he searches for his playtime companion.

Now Horace the Tiger has joined the Cuddly Defenders Toy Range, handmade in the USA by Custom Teddy Bear Artist Dot from Dotsbears you can order Horace to be your playtime companion here.

These is never enough time to do all the nothing that you want


Tristan the Teddy Bear & the Cuddly Defenders Comic Available on Pre-Order

Click to Pre-Order the Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders Out of the Attic AnthologyThe Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Anthology Comic – Out of the Attic – is now available for Pre-Order on the Teddy Bear Tales Website. Preview new pages and pre-order this Teddy Bear All-Ages Action Adventure Book by clicking here.

Go Cuddly Defenders Go! A new mixed media print for Tristan and the Teddy Bear Tales

Go Cuddly Defenders Go by Nick Davis

Go Cuddly Defenders Go by Nick Davis

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed over the last couple of days you’ve been watching my Cuddly Defenders in Action illustration take shape. I finished the illustration last night, and today through the morning and using Creative Suite I put together the final parts of this artwork.  Continue reading

Some days you just have to draw something simple, this is Tristan the Teddy Bear the Early Years

Tristan the Teddy Bear - The Early Years by Nick Davis

Tristan the Teddy Bear – The Early Years by Nick Davis

You have to return from time to time to the fundamentals and in this case I sat down, picked up a pencil and drew a simple Tristan the Teddy Bear. Continue reading

Tristan showing off his new illustrated book Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to the Moon

Tristan the Teddy Bear shows off his new illustrated story - Tristan Goes to the Moon.It is in… The book of the webcomic Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to the Moon is now available, and our heroic little Teddy is checking out this illustrated imagination adventure for ages 3 plus. You can check out the book here. Continue reading