My Totally Cool Discworld Birthday Cake by the Sweets Fairy

Discworld Birthday CakeThis very cool and totally awesome Discworld Birthday cake featuring A’Tuin, Death and the Elephants is my Birthday Cake. Everything you see here is edible and sculpted out of fondant. The Sweets Fairy is run my wife and she has been providing affordable custom cakes to fit your budget to the local East Baltimore area for the last two years. To see more of the Sweets Fairy work click here.

Just how hard can it be? A Top Gear Birthday Cake by the Sweetsfairy

Top Gear Birthday CakeA Top Gear Birthday Cake? Just how hard can it be? Well, the Sweetsfairy (aka as my wife Jean) set out to find out creating my 39th birthday cake. What do you think? We have the Stig, a Top Gear race, something on fire and Clarkson being absolutely useless as normal… Thank you my Dear, its a great cake 🙂