The Anatomy Of A Composite Drawing – The Princess Archer & Companions

The Princess Archer by Nick DavisThe Princess Archer story is one of my original Once Upon a Time Adventures called The Wonder Tales, it is the story of a Princess called Gwendolyn who is flung by magic to the Land of the Sun and her journey back to her home – the Ninth Kingdom. On this quest she is joined by Kurt the Wolf Boy, cursed by Baba Yaga to be Werewolf, or Wolf, but never a boy, a nervous faire creature Will O’Wisp and their guide Tobisum the Inch High Samurai. You can read their adventures at The Wonder Tales. Continue reading

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The Wonder Tales - The Princess Archer & Kurt the WolfOnce Upon a Time, in a land far, far, far away travels the lost Princess Gwendolyn, fair of face with emerald green eyes and unruly red hair held in place in a long braid that reaches far down her back. She is almost a good a shot as the Archer who’s bow she carries and she is as kind as she is brave.

Lost with her are her loyal companions Kurt, the wolf-boy, cursed by Baba Yaga, unable to talk or change into a human, and Will O’Wisp a Faerie creature. Together they have been banished to the Land of the Sun by the evil Witch Isabelle; a strange land many, many thousands of leagues from their own. As she began her search to find her way home she encounters Tobisum, a Samurai who is one inch in stature, but is mighty in heart. Gwendolyn strikes a deal with him, in return for his help as a guide; she aided him in his quest to rescue the Woodland Nymph from the Serpent of the Iron Mountain. From the Nymph Gwendolyn learns of her heart’s desire which is to change Kurt back to a human. To do this they must seek out the door to Baba Yaba’s house in this Kingdom and only the Goblin Jiki Ninki at the Crackling Mountain has the answer…

The Princess Archer and The Princess & the Serpent of Iron Mountain ebooks detail her first adventures so far in Volume Two of The Wonder Tales, the all ages fairy tales for all the family. Find out what you’ve missed by clicking here.