The Avengers movie Action Figures new toys to Marvel over

Avengers vs LokiA little late uncovering these, but I’ve found the images for the Action Figures for the upcoming Avengers movie. Looks like they are the same scale as the current Marvel universe line as keeping with Thor, Ironman and First Avengers sets, yes I am very excited to see these and yes I would love to have them all… Circumstances may not see that happen, but that is an amazing looking Captain America.

[photosmash id=65]

Watch it while you can… And Marvel at The Avengers – Official Trailer #2

The Avengers – Official Trailer #2 started the day as an itunes exclusive to force you to download or join a service you don’t really need, but now is out across the internets on Youtube. Lots of new stuff to see that promises this will be a good fun superhero romp. Anyhow you go and check it out for yourself…

The Avengers Movie New Promo Art… Avengers Assemble!

The Avengers Promo ArtNew promo art is leaking around the internet for The Avengers movie, it is your standard group shot with everyone hitting a heroic pose. Nothing new ย is given away, Ironman is sporting his circle arc reactor instead of the triangle, but that might just be a bad brief given to the artist and they bulked out Cap.

A Deleted Scene from Ironman 2 so this is what Olivia Munn was talking about?

Olivia Munn goes flyingBouncing around for Avenger news to post in my blog today I uncovered pictures of a deleted scene from Ironman 2 featuring Olivia Munn; it is my guess this was the scene she was talking about before leaving AOTS and not the 20 second news presenter blip. Anyhow check out the full gallery below, if only to learn why short dresses and wearing Ironman’s gauntlets do not mix… Continue reading

Marvel at The Avengers First Movie Trailer – Captain America, Ironman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and Fury!!!

Well, what can I say? Its the first Avengers trailer and it looks like this movie is going to rock!!! Sit back, press play and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚