A new Fable for the Wonder Tales – The Archer, the Horse and the Golden Braid

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The Archer, the Horse and the Golden BraidAfter much work, the second Fable in the Wonder Tales series has been released. The Archer, the Horse and the Golden Braid tells the tale of an earlier adventure of the Archer and his quick witted talking horse Keshi.

This is the tale of the Archer before he became King. He was as brave as he was noble, as keen-eyed as he was lightning fast with his bow. His loyal Horse as quick-witted and fleet of foot. Together they undertake an Errantry that takes them to Northern Plains to rescue a Maiden with the Golden Braid.

Currently available as an eBook on the Kindle, Nook and in multiple eReader file formats at Smashwords. Coming soon to the Kobo and iBookstore.

Leaking a little news about a new Fable in the works about the Archer and the Horse…

The Archer, the Horse and the PrincessI’ve been teasing news about my Fable, The Archer, the Horse and the Princess all week. You can find this Fable on the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords.

I teased this news all week, and I am sorry to say my Jeep breaking down today kind of wrecked my planned announcement for today. However I am going to leak a little news concerning a new Archer Fable.

Over the last week I’ve been working on my next Archer Fable, a sort of prequel to first story detailing one of our heroes fantastic adventures. The story involves, the Archer, his amazing Horse, a braid of pure gold and an Ogre. By the end of next week I hope to have this Once Upon Time story ready to tell my children and share with you all.