My Totally Cool Discworld Birthday Cake by the Sweets Fairy

Discworld Birthday CakeThis very cool and totally awesome Discworld Birthday cake featuring A’Tuin, Death and the Elephants is my Birthday Cake. Everything you see here is edible and sculpted out of fondant. The Sweets Fairy is run my wife and she has been providing affordable custom cakes to fit your budget to the local East Baltimore area for the last two years. To see more of the Sweets Fairy work click here.

Book Review Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

I’m always late to the party with Sir Terry Pratchett’s books, averaging a year behind his releases at best. For me though, this one was well worth wait.

Unseen Academicals is a little bit of a slow starter as you are introduced to new characters and the workings of the Maze under the Unseen University. The new characters are Glenda the night cook, her pretty and ditzy friend Juilet, Trev Likely a jack the lad and Mr Nutt, the… Well I wont spoil what he is, what is becomes, and his constant quest for worth.

The Wizards are back in all their glory and we see a very different side of Archchancellor Ridcully, he becomes virtually Vetinari in his manipulation of Faculty, and speaking of the Patrician we even see a more human side of Vetinari.

I found this Discworld novel a better read than Making Money, although I feel he has written better stories from the Discworld, my favorites being a toss up between the Witches and the Guards. The pace for this story was up and down, and a couple of places I felt it stumbled especially around the discovery of the Tackle, which is unusual for this author.