Passed a Milestone 100 Cuddly Sketch Cards Complete

A Cuddly Eleventh Doctor & Amy by Nick Davis

About six months ago I picked up a pencil and started drawing again after a very, very long time of leaving my skills dormant. Now I’ve passed a new milestone and completed my 100th Cuddly Sketch Card. That is one hundred unique watercolor illustrations of some of your favorite  Superheroes, Villains and other popular characters a little furrier than you would normal remember them… So to celebrate this milestone enjoy the gallery of all 100 Cuddly Sketch Cards. Continue reading

Inspired by the Teddy Bear Tales check out the next set of Cuddly Heroes Earths Mightiest Plushies…

Hawkeye - New Outfit by Nick Davis

It has been a busy week, we are less than 48 hours away from the Kickstarter Project for A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful closing, please go check it out and Pre-Order a copy of the new book. Still have a way to go, but if everyone who reads this blog today Pre-Orders the $10 illustrated tale we will make it!!! Continue reading

Marvel at the the first eight Cuddly Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Plushies…


Iron-Bear by Nick Davis

If you’ve been following my Tweets over the last few days, hidden between the updates for the Kickstarter Pre-Orders for A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful, you’ve seen glimpses at what I’ve been calling the Cuddly Avengers. The basic idea is a more furry take on a selection of Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes; taking the Heroes as we know them and turning them into Teddy’s and Bunny’s. I’ve posted the first eight below – Thor, IronBear, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Spider-Bear, Ms.Marvel & Wasp.

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Cuddly Avengers Assemble!!! Pencils complete for wave one of this fun project

Cuddly Avengers Wasp

Cuddly Avenger Wasp - Pencils by Nick Davis

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed all weekend you may of seen posts about ‘Cuddly Avengers’, asking for suggestions to who could join the team and image updates via my camera phone.  Well I completed the pencils for the last Cuddly Avenger in the wee hours of the morning and over the week I will be colouring them. But before I head into the world Gouche Watercolor I thought I should share them in the gallery below. In the first round I’ve penciled Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Colonel Furry, Iron-Bear, Wasp, Ms.Marvel, Thor, Wolverine, Spider-Bear, Black Teddy, Giant-Teddy/Ant-Bear, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Captain AmeriBear…

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First Look at the NEW Cuddy Defender Wilma Bunny for a Teddy Bear Tale II

Wilma BunnyIn the middle of our last Kickstarter project for A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional I stumbled upon Dotsbears and Dot agreed to produce a Tristan for me; giving us a fantastic bear to accompany the book.

Now with A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful, I asked Dot to make the new Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny and today I got to approve the prototype. Below is the first sneak peak look at Tristan’s friend Wilma, sans tutu and she still needs her hair brushing. Once complete she will stand 16″ with fully moveable limbs and fluffy white tail.

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