Cuddly Avengers Assemble!!! Pencils complete for wave one of this fun project

Cuddly Avengers Wasp

Cuddly Avenger Wasp - Pencils by Nick Davis

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed all weekend you may of seen posts about ‘Cuddly Avengers’, asking for suggestions to who could join the team and image updates via my camera phone.  Well I completed the pencils for the last Cuddly Avenger in the wee hours of the morning and over the week I will be colouring them. But before I head into the world Gouche Watercolor I thought I should share them in the gallery below. In the first round I’ve penciled Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Colonel Furry, Iron-Bear, Wasp, Ms.Marvel, Thor, Wolverine, Spider-Bear, Black Teddy, Giant-Teddy/Ant-Bear, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Captain AmeriBear…

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First Look at the NEW Cuddy Defender Wilma Bunny for a Teddy Bear Tale II

Wilma BunnyIn the middle of our last Kickstarter project for A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional I stumbled upon Dotsbears and Dot agreed to produce a Tristan for me; giving us a fantastic bear to accompany the book.

Now with A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful, I asked Dot to make the new Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny and today I got to approve the prototype. Below is the first sneak peak look at Tristan’s friend Wilma, sans tutu and she still needs her hair brushing. Once complete she will stand 16″ with fully moveable limbs and fluffy white tail.

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The Cuddly Sketch Gallery One

The Cuddly Sketch Gallery One
From Captain America to Hellboy and beyond your favorite comic and  TV characters a little more cuddlier and furrier than you remember them… Meet the Cuddlies!