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A Teddy Bear Tale CoverOn December 10th A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional will be released, this is a Children’s illustrated tale about Tristan the Teddy Bear defending his child from the Monsters under the Bed by Nick Davis, art by Dan Nokes. You can now Pre-Order the story, have it signed by the author & artist and also get FREE SHIPPING!!! (minimum of $5 savings!!!) This great offer ends Midnight Cyber Monday.

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Sneak Peak at A Teddy Bear Tale art & words from Page Seven

A Teddy Bear PreviewWith a hop, skip, and a jump Tristan landed on his shelf and reached behind the books pulling out a small wooden sword painted silver, a ragged red tabard with the letter T on it and a Frisbee shaped shield. His boy had made those in a long-forgotten game of Knights of the Round Table, dubbing the Teddy Bear Sir Tristan the Brave. Indeed this night was showing how true those words were…

Production work continues and thanks to Dan we might even finish ahead of schedule, thank you all again for your support and please spread the word about the website –

The Monsters under the bed are coming!!!

The Monsters Under the BedThe Monsters under the bed are coming!!! Dan Nokes the artist for A Teddy Bear Tale knocked out this concept draft for one of the pages featuring the Monsters charging out from under the bed. You can check out this concept art and other images inspired by A Teddy Bear Tale as well learn how to pre-order this illustrated children’s tale over at