Have you been collecting the Teddy Bear Tale postcards?

The Teddy Bear Tale postcards.

The Teddy Bear Tale Postcards.

I’m on my third print run of my Teddy Bear Tale postcards, and did you know every time I print a new run the illustration changes? Well you do now… Continue reading

New arrival from Dotsbears.com meet Lionel the Teddy Bear a possible Cuddly Defender prototype for Archer

Lionel the Teddy Bear from A Teddy Bear TalesHad this little fluffy fella waiting for me at home after work. Dot from Dotsbears.com the lady who made the Tristan Defender Teddy Bear and rest of the Cuddly Defenders as fluffy, furry toys has been working on a new Teddy Bear face and she was kind enough to send me a sample. We’ve named this Teddy bear Lionel, and I think I might use this as the model for the Archer Cuddly Defender Bear, what do you think? Continue reading

Don’t forget you can meet Tristan from A Teddy Bear Tales at Chucks Comics Ho Haa Anniversary this Saturday!!!

Chucks Comics Hoo Ha!In about 12 hours I will be taking Tristan, A Teddy Bear Tale and the Alt-world Books The Wonder Tales, Fabula Zero Exposition and The Tether Saga to Chucks Comics Ho Haa Anniversary Event. This is a great chance to pick up one of my books, to check out the Cuddly Heroes and take a look at Chuck’s Comics… I hope to see you all there and don’t forget you can RSVP here.

Why watch Ted? Instead read ‘Imagine This’ the original badly behaved living Teddy Bear Comic

Clovis, the alcohol-abusing teddy bear featured in Lucas Turnbloom's comic 'Imagine This.'

Clovis, the teddy bear featured in Lucas Turnbloom’s comic ‘Imagine This.’

Planning on watching Ted this weekend? Before you do you should check out ‘Imagine This’ by Lucas Turnbloom, the original story of a badly behaved living Teddy Bear named Clovis. You might be forgiven to think that many of the scenes and sequences you see in the movie are very┬ásimilar… Well… That’s because they may will be… Check out Imagine This by clicking here.
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