New Webcomic Coming Soon To The Teddy Bear Tales Website – Hero

Hero Ted and his BoyYou may have read the flash fiction story in Origins – A Teddy Bear Hero all about a Teddy Bear who becomes a Superhero. I have been hard at work turning this tale into a webcomic and will be debuting it soon on the Teddy Bear Tales website, taking the place of Unconditional Hugs. Enjoy the preview of the art for the first page of this unique story.

Saving The World Just Before Bedtime… #Hero

Hero - A Teddy Bear Saving The World Before Bedtime

Hero – Saving The World Before Bedtime by Nick Davis

Hero… This Teddy Bear is going to save the world before bedtime and he is coming Fall 2015. Continue reading

Tristan the Teddy Bear meets Dante Hicks at Sci-Fi Valley Con

Tristan the Teddy Bear Meets Brian O'Halloran

Tristan the Teddy Bear Meets Dante Hicks – who wasn’t even supposed to be here today…

We may have just broken the internet, at Sci-fi in the Valley Tristan met Brian O’Halloran (Dante Hicks from Clerks/Clerks 2), who is  a totally cool guy to talk to. Enjoy the picture, please share and watch out for the full report on this fun show later today…

Preview of the Gi Joe Cuddly Sketch Cards coming to Sci-Fi in the Valley Altoona PA – June 27-29 #gijoe #cobra #actionforce

GiJoe Duke Ted by Nick Davis

GI Joe Duke Ted by Nick Davis

A week next Friday I will be in Altoona PA at the three-day Sci-Fi in the Valley convention. Here is a preview of the GI Joe Cuddly Sketch Cards I will be bringing.  Continue reading

A Very Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers Everywhere

Happy Fathers Day Teddy Bears

Happy Fathers Day Teddy Bears – Dream I Can Fly by Nick Davis

Because of my Father I can dream I can fly, this is for the Fathers everywhere, from the single parent to the step-parent. I wish you all a Happy Fathers Day! Continue reading