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The Tether: Except OneThe Tether Saga, follows the adventures of Sarah Taylor, who by accident has been gifted with a supernatural device that has pulled her into a twisted reality bubbling just under the surface of our own. Set on the streets of Baltimore, the Tether takes you on a helter-skelter roller-coaster ride into a twisted paranormal adventure that will have you watching the shadows…. And Except One, book two continues the journey as Sarah desperately searches for a way to separate herself from the Tether and have her life return to normal.

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The Tether Book & SignsThe Tether, a dark urban fantasy by Nick Davis (aka as me) is available in print, over 280 pages of Supernatural adventure, is available direct from the alt-world website under my novels tab or by clicking here.  If you want to pick up a hard copy of The Tether, help a struggling Author out and buy it direct from my website as a larger part of the sale goes directly to me. Plus I will personally sign it for you.

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