Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – My Art Of 2018

Work In Progress Of Tristan The Defender Teddy Bear Using The Procreate App And Apple PencilAs the last days of 2018 tick away, it is time for my annual tradition of sharing my art of 2018, all the pieces I created throughout the year as I struggle with style, color, and the new medium of digital drawing in the Procreate App. What follows is another journey, this time via the art I created. Enjoy.

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The Teddyverse Has Finally Assembled

The Teddyverse Pantheon is now in full effect - Mr. Button, Artie, Hero Ted, Jessie, Red, Hue, Bluey, Cuddly Cthulhu, Wunder Bunny, Tristan, Jet, Fernando, Archer, Wilma, Duo, Dhoort, Crazy, Forrest & Scout and Horace, with Roboted in the background.

The last few days I’ve been assembling all the Teddy Bear Tale characters in one place, and the Teddyverse has grown a lot in the last year, as new stories are written and heroes arise. Lets take a look at who is who after the jump.

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Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone: Redirecting Your Ability

Nick Davis Teddy Bear Author And ArtistHello, and welcome to another installment of Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone, today I am going to talk about redirecting your ability. What do I mean about this… Well, join me after the jump and I will discuss it below.

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Is Superman Playing a Bigger Role in Justice League After All?

Justice League Logo

There’s been a lot of talk about the potential absence of Superman from the promotions for the Justice League. Plenty of people are likely familiar with what happened at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it’s still hard to imagine that Supes won’t be a big part of the future of the DC Extended Universe. A lot of questions were left up in the air, and the assumption was that the Justice League would have to get started without him, at least in the beginning. Thankfully, news is starting to surface that Superman will still be a big part of the superhero team, much to the delight of fans.

You already know how I feel about the DCEU movies, but the prospect of leaving Superman out of the Justice League would be downright unforgivable. Superman has always been a founding member of the Justice League, and the idea of putting a movie together without the Kryptonian hero seems like blasphemy. The Justice League, not unlike Marvel’s Avengers, is made up of the heavy-hitters of the DC Universe. It’s literally a supergroup of comics’ biggest stars, with the core being made up of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter.

It’s well known that the movie will eschew Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter in lieu of Cyborg, and that actually makes a lot of sense. Green Lantern is still tainted by his 2011 box office bomb, and the Manhunter would have likely been a tougher sell to new fans. Besides, Cyborg was made a founding member when DC rebooted the comics universe in 2011, and adds some much needed diversity to the cast. His costume will still be entirely CGI but recent looks at the suit make it obvious that it was clearly the only way.

What I can’t imagine though, is not having Superman. Superman has long been a staple of the DC universe, and is arguably the most recognizable and beloved superhero of all time. There’s a reason that Superman was the vehicle to kick off the DCEU, and continues to also be a focal point of DC’s digital efforts. Whether on the big or small screen, Superman’s presence looms over everything. A revamp of online casino games from DC and NextGen Gaming revealed that Superman was one of four heroes that were selected for the internet attractions. The other three heroes are Batman, the Flash, and Green Lantern, all notably founding members of the Justice League. The fact that he was even included in these games reinforces just how important the hero is to DC. One might even say that without Superman, there wouldn’t even be at DC. At least, not how it’s known today.

Given the high-profile of Superman on the merchandising tie-ins surrounding the film, it’d be silly for him not to get much screen time. Of course, Wonder Woman was also teased heavily in the lead-up to Batman v. Superman and she didn’t end up having a huge presence. Fans will have to wait and see how things will shake out for Superman, but if DC is smart, they won’t turn their back on the iconic comic book hero just yet.

Is It Time For Comic Creators To Get Out Of The Comic Con?

A Hall View Of Baltimore Comic Con (Courtesy Comic-Con)For years the Comic Convention has been the mainstay of the Comic Book Creators, be they the Large Publishers or that very small Indie Guy sitting behind that table in that odd place called Artist Alley. This has been the status quo, you go to the comic book convention to well… talk comics and hang out with your peers.

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