A Military Project uncovered to create the next Super-Soldier just how close are we to a real-life Captain America?

426px-CAtransformationJust how close are we to the real life creation of a Super-Soldier, that a Captain America will be walking amongst us? Wired has an interesting article about the USA Military researching these possibilities, a very own Weapon X right here on our shores? Will tomorrows troops be Mutant Powered? Just how close are to releasing this genie from the bottle? Click here to learn more. Continue reading

Exposition – Not A Superhero Comic Book

Exposition - A Superhero Comic BookExposition By Nick Davis | Art By Bill Young

What would you do if you found yourself inside a comic book?

Well Jack knows…

Even Jack will admit he isn’t having a great month. After finally getting his dream job as lead writer on the Captain Avenger comic his inspiration runs dry. With a submission deadline looming, his editor on his back and no sleep for days he tries to hash out a story with little success. Then things really start to turn strange; Jack’s characters start popping up in his life and he finds himself caught up in action straight out of the pages of a superhero comic book.

The question is as Jack’s realities collide and the line between fiction and real life starts to blur is Jack on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or are these events more real than he realizes…

Exposition is a unique mash-up of comic book and prose featuring Superheros, evil Villains, dim Henchmen, noisy Ninjas, giant Robots, flying Monkeys with laser-beams for eyes and a very diabolic dance number as a Jack begins to lose the plot as he desperately seeks the ending to the story.

Exposition is a 46 page mash-up of comic book & prose story telling, and will be the most unusual not about superheroes at all comic you will ever read. [Kindle eBook – $3.50] [Paperback – $4.99] [Hardback – $11.99]

A re-imagined trailer for the failed NBC Wonder Woman Pilot

Wonder WomanOver 2011 we followed the ups and downs of the NBC attempted relaunch of the Wonder Woman franchise on their network.  After the teaser release of the Wonder Woman outfit, and the amusing outrage it produced, the entire production fell to series of focus groups and poorly thought out rewrites.

The final product was so bad, and remember NBC are the network who released the Cape, that the Pilot of was shelved and we may never see the final cut. Bits and pieces have leaked out on the net, some of it dire, some it mediocre and some of it actually looked okay. Yesterday I discovered a re-imagined trailer for the raw footage from the Wonder Woman Pilot, I think it contain clips from all the action sequences and actually doesn’t look that bad. Take a look for yourself after the jump. Continue reading

Batman Beyond, a breakout animation… Could this be the next Bat movie after the Nolan trilogy?

Check out this well put together trailer, showing a proof of concept of a Batman Beyond movie then check out something really special after the jump… Continue reading

Toy concepts from the Tim Burton Superman Lives movie emerge

Superman LivesSuperman, an iconic character and a staple superhero of generations; it is a mystery that a character with ongoing appeal would have so much difficulty relaunching a movie. Sure we had Superman Returns which actually wasn’t that bad an effort, even if it did have reheated up script from the first movie in the 80’s.  Continue reading