The Day I Pushed Stan Lee Out Of The Way

Stan Lee Comic Book MarvelOn Monday November 12 we all received sad news, we had lost a comic book titan, Stan Lee, one of the founding lights of Marvel comics died aged 95*. His work revolutionized the comic book turning them from tales of fancy, to stories with true narrative and consequence. Superheros with real world problems, issues and flaws, sounds simple, right? But it changed the landscape and helped build Marvel in to the powerhouse it is today. Now, a lot of creatives know Stan Lee a lot better than me, but I do have my very own special story involving ‘The Man’. Read all about it after the jump.

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Excelsior!!! Happy 91st Birthday Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee

Stan Lee meets the Dollar

Stan Lee (right) meets the Dollar

Hey True Believers, love him or hate him, Stan Lee is Da Man and has helped shape wonder and imaginations of millions. He is the creator, the writer, the visionary and the man most associated with comics, and bringing them in the modern age…

Happy Birthday Sir! Excelsior!!!

And in case you need a reason to love Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee more check out the 16 Reasons Why We Love Stan Lee Lists on Buzzfeed.

The day I almost met Stan Lee but just walked straight past him instead…

Stan 'Da Man' Lee

Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee

Throughout our lives we do incredibly dumb things and here is one of my most dumbest, read on and enjoy. In this little story I almost touched a comic book legend. Let me take you all back to Baltimore Comic Con 2012 I was in the artist alley up near the regular comic book artists and busy pitching my books. It was a great convention and as always is the case with BCC a good vibe of a show. It was during one of my very quick breaks from my table on a Sunday that the ‘incident’ happened. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mr Stan Lee 90 years old and still a comic book force… Excelsior!

StanleeStan ‘Da Man’ Lee is 90 years old today, one of the architects that helped change the face of comics, say what you like about some of his failings Mr Lee is a Legend and worthy of your respect. Happy Birthday Mr Lee and here is to many more! Excelsior!!!

First Look – Marvel at more Avengers Film set pictures of Captain America, Black Widow & Stan Lee

Stan Lee & Chris Evans Captain AmericaHere we go, another set of on the set pictures from The Avengers movie. These images which you can see after the jump feature Captain America, Tony Stark, Black Widow, Thor, Loki, Hawkeye & Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee.  Continue reading