The Price of Freedom of Speech

Nick SigningI don’t normally talk about this issue, but today I’m taking a moment to discuss the price of freedom of speech and some of the dilemmas it can pose to those that support it. You see your right to express yourself, your thoughts, opinions without fear is a fundamental right here in the USA. To support this you must accept the good with the bad, every positive with every negative, you cannot compromise or contradict once you accept this ideal. It doesn’t mean there isn’t dilemmas that cause you to question this.

Why this post then? Recently Smashwords, an eBook publishing service I use to distribute my books out onto the Kobo, Sony eReader, itunes, eDeisel and makes them available in multiple formats, was forced by its payment gateway Paypal to actively censor some of the books in its market place… Specifically a number of adult erotica titles that contain certain references. I’ll let Mark Coker, owner of Smashwords explain in his own words in the press release he made about this after the jump. Continue reading

Introducing Smashwords

Introduction to Smashwords
Ebook Publishing and Distribution Made Easy

Did you know The Tether None Good is available in multiple eBook formats from Smashwords? Smashwords is fastest growing eBook distribution hub on the internet, sharing out one eBook file in all available eReader formats makes it one stop shopping destination for the best of Indie books.
This website is sending waves through the traditional publishing industry, and empowering Authors to take their words directly to the readers. Take a moment to watch this fun presentation to learn more about Smashwords, and you will find my novel The Tether None Good by clicking this link here.