Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – A Wonder Woman

She Is A Wonder WomanIt has been a long time since I last posted a Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone blog, this semi-irregular series chronicles my evolution of drawing style, as I attempt to breathe new life into the abilities I had with a pencil over twenty years ago and draw my way out. Along the way we’ve seen me have a go at PowerPuff Girls and Steven Universe as learn a different style.

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Concept Sketch Of Hero, A Teddy Bear SuperHero Coming Fall 2015

Hero Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Made To Be… Hero by Nick Davis

This is a concept sketch of Hero, a Teddy Bear who gets his superpowers from his child’s security blanket. I hope to debut him around Fall 2015. Stay tuned and watch this new Hero grow.

Hero, a Super Hero Teddy Bear for all ages

Hero - A Superhero Teddy Bear for all ages by Nick Davis

Hero – A Superhero Teddy Bear for all ages by Nick Davis

Meet Hero, a mild-mannered Teddy Bear who looks after his child and protects him from all things bad. This Teddy Bear is already a hero, but when he puts on his child’s security blanket he gains the power of flight and super-strength (for a Teddy Bear). Continue reading

I AM BABY GROOT a blended watercolor pencil sketch – You’re Welcome :)

I AM BABY GROOT by Nick Davis

I AM BABY GROOT by Nick Davis

Meet my blended watercolor pencil sketch – I AM BABY GROOT after watching the fun end credit of GROOT dancing in his plant pot I knew I had to take a swing at drawing the ‘Monster from Planet X.’  GROOT came together fairly quickly and I think one of the most effective sketches I have done, you can view the Work-In-Progress (WIP) after the jump. Continue reading

Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Elsa From Frozen

Elsa Pencil by Nick Davis

Elsa Pencil by Nick Davis

Every week on Twitter there is a hashtag event called sketch Saturday where various artists of various skill level post a sketch they have done on Saturday. I am now taking part in this event so every other Saturday or so, so watch for #sketchsaturday to appear on my Twitter feed, and follow along. Continue reading