Review – New Image comic Shinku #1 by Ron Marz & Lee Moder

Shinku #1
Publisher: Image
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Lee Moder

I picked up Shinku#1 straight off the rack at Chucks Comics, my local comic shop on the cover alone. Asian chick, with katana in motorbike leathers looked interesting, a quick flick through the pages, a decapitation in the first four pages of what looked like a vampire and I was sold.

Intrigued that this may be a new take on the vampire slayer genre and I liking the Kill Bill vibe I picked it up, and it didn’t disappoint.

Here is the basics – Shinku is the last descendant of the Tatadaka Samurai clan, who have been at war with a rival clan of samurai who happen to be vampires. This is told in flashback as Shinku rescues Davis, a nerdy programmer type who fell into Shinku’s world after attempt to score some alley action with a goth girl, who turned out to be a vampire.

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