The High And Lows Of Owning A Pitbull Service Dog

Meet Achilles The Pitbull Service Dog

Meet Achilles, he is a Boxer/Pitbull mix… A big ole’boy (he is eight years old), full gait, huge head, wagging tail, brown puppy dog eyes and softer than butter on a warm summers day. Oh, and he also a Service Dog in training for my wife.

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A Piggy’s Tale the Comic Book about a Three-Legged Rescue Dog with Superpowers

A Piggy's Tales Comic Covers Issue 1 - 3

A Piggy’s Tales Comic Covers Issue 1 , 2 & 3

After an accident takes his leg, a rescue dog named Piggy discovers he has super-powers, and must fulfill his fate to save other critters from despair. Accompanied by a street smart cat and a girl who can talk to animals, this unlikely hero must stop evil from befalling victims in New York City. Continue reading