Has Jurassic World Killed The Movies For The Next Decade?

Jurassic World LogoWith SDCC behind us, I ask you all this question. Did you see anything original come out of this media event? Anything? Now think carefully and see if you can recall anything that was not Superheroes, a Reboot, a Revival, a Retread or a Sequel? I will give you a minute to think about it and I will see you after the jump. Continue reading

A Giant Robot storms SDCC and then does what every Giant Robot does befriends a little girl

SDCCGiantRobotAhh… It is that time of the year when my Facebook, Twitter and Geekery related websites I follow light up with movie exclusives, cosplay outfits, games and Adrianne Curry news from San Diego Comic Con aka SDCC. Sadly though for a comic-con we actually get very little comic related news…

However, this one news item is pretty cool. A Giant Robot built by Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects, and Conde Nast Entertainment. This is an insanely detailed, one-of-a-kind, 9 foot 9 inch Mech with four arms was introduced to the world by Adam Savage on Friday. And what does this Giant Robot do? What every Giant Robot does from the best of stories… Makes friends with a littleĀ  girl… See how after the jump. Continue reading