The Anatomy Of A Composite Drawing – The Princess Archer & Companions

The Princess Archer by Nick DavisThe Princess Archer story is one of my original Once Upon a Time Adventures called The Wonder Tales, it is the story of a Princess called Gwendolyn who is flung by magic to the Land of the Sun and her journey back to┬áher home – the Ninth Kingdom. On this quest she is joined by Kurt the Wolf Boy, cursed by Baba Yaga to be Werewolf, or Wolf, but never a boy, a nervous faire creature Will O’Wisp and their guide Tobisum the Inch High Samurai. You can read their adventures at The Wonder Tales. Continue reading

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Trailer and a closer look at the Turtles #TMNT

TMNT HeaderAnother trailer has been released for the upcoming live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) movie – August release. While the elements in this trailer are essentially the same, what we are given is a closer look at the Turtles themselves. I know the TMNT fandom is divided on the look, myself I don’t really have a huge axe to grind, (even though I’m a huge fan of the Turtles,) my only compliant it they are just a little too tall. Anyhow, the trailer is after the jump. Continue reading