A Must Watch “I’m Here” a Short Film By Spike Jonze

I'm HereI just sat down and watched a short movie by Spike Jonze, (Director of Her,) called “I’m Here” a powerful little short with an interesting message about love, acceptance, technology and perhaps what makes us human.  You can view the movie after the jump, it really is quite good and worth 30 minutes of your time. Continue reading

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Supplement added to the Fight Dice Action Figure Duel Game

Mobile Fighter G GundamThe Mobile Fighter G Gundam Supplement that contains a complete Mobile Fighter creation system and full tournament rules have been added to the Fight-Dice website.

These rules, once thought lost, are completely free to download are a fully contained gaming system. All you need is a printer, some Mobile Fighters and a lot of dice. Check out the full rules, download, enjoy and please leave a donation.

Mecha Rising in this First Teaser Trailer for the Live Action Patlabor Movie

Patlabor Coming 2014

I am a fine of realistic mecha anime shows and this Live Action Patlabor movie seems to be shaping up nicely, with sneak peeks of the ‘life-size’ Patlabor in use around Tokyo and now we have a Teaser Trailer. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading

Atlas, the Robot that now walk’s amongst us… Science fiction is fast becoming fact!

atlasx299Meet Atlas,  a biped free-standing environment aware rescue robot able to move around his surroundings and manipulate them. It is finally here the true dawning of an age I thought I would never see. Atlas is going to be the Grandfather of the Robots we read about in Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot or in 2000AD ABC Warriors, watched as Cylons on TV or as the friendly Androids in Star Wars. Continue reading