Remembering My Time Working With Wayne England

Illuminations with Wayne England

This morning I learned of the death of long time fantasy artist Wayne England, he passed away last night on 02/09/2016, I don’t know the details of his death, nor will I ever seek them out. I will just share with you my thoughts about my time with Wayne England. Out of all the Artist deaths that have occurred so far in 2016, this one is different for me. Mr England wasn’t a contemporary, but rather a colleague… I was for far too brief a time lucky enough to have worked alongside him.

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RIP Nelson Mandela the Great Unifier and Peacemaker 1918 to 2013 a legacy to live up too

Nelson MandelaSad news,I did kind of figure it was coming when I heard the news on BBC Five Live of a gathering of State Vehicles at Nelson Mandela’s residence. Continue reading

RIP Gerry Anderson a Pioneer Puppeteer Fantastical Adventurer!!! Thank you for the Dreams Sir!

GERRY-ANDERSONToday another part of my childhood died, RIP Gerry Anderson 1929 – 2012 aged 89, creator of the Thunderbirds, Stingray, Joe90, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Fireball XL5, Space 1999 and other amazing TV shows died today age 83. Thank you Sir for the fantastic adventures. His Supermarionnation stories brought my Sunday to life with the Thunderbirds and International Rescue, the show came on ITV at 12.30pm and I played my live action drama record to death. My Saturdays were full of Stingray and Joe90 with a double featuring billing of Captain Scarlet; and during one long summer every morning it was Fireball XL5 at 7am.

While I feel his live action stuff was wanting, he brought children’s imaginations to TV screen in the most amazing ways… Thank you Gerry Anderson for the joy filled memories, of playing in the Park as Thunderbird One, defeating the Mysterons as Captain Blue bringing worlds alive, may you rest in peace Sir you touched millions of Children hearts and imaginations 🙂

After the jump please enjoy the Opening and Ending Sequence to Gerry Anderson’s most famous creation – Thunderbirds

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1913 – 2011 RIP Joe Simon the Co-Creator of Captain America

Joe SimonToday I learned the news that the co-creator of Captain America Joe Simon died at the grand old age of 98. Thank you sir for helping create one of the most iconic and well balanced comic character of our time – Captain America, he may of been born on the wings of patriotism, but they created a true hero. Cap is what every man must strive, his ideologies, his heart, his ideas, and his will to fight for what he believed in even the against all the odds is an inspiration. Thank you Joe for creating a true legacy, RIP