Opinion – When Did it Become Okay to Hate? #NewAEShows

Where did it all go wrong?This has been bothering me for some time, a shift in attitude over the last few years which has become more evident and getting the point you are rewarded the more you hate, the more you spread fear and loathing. Does that seem right? Continue reading

Opinion – Yes… I have faith but in a different way than you might have…

Sky BannerI ran into this today on a Facebook post, I was accused because I do not go to church that I do not believe in God, that I will burn in hell for my views. All this came from my view that the USA is not a Christian nation, but a nation of many faiths, ideals and outlooks. I found this entire conversation about my faith offensive and find out why after the jump. Continue reading

End of the World Prophecy seems to be good for the God business

End of the WorldYou know I thought we saw the last of this with the Harold Camping Family Radio phony rapture prediction, that no one would be stupid enough to run the same con again. But I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong, surely they cannot be that many gullible people left? However, it looks the Ronald Weinland, Former Preacher of Worldwide Church of God, now of the Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God (Is there a random Church Org name generator on the net somewhere?) is predicting the End of the World on May 27, 2012… Again with the month of May! And just to be certain, our good Preacher has stated that January 8 is the beginning of ‘Half-Time’ read more about this new run at peoples money here.

Continue reading

On the subject of Prayers & Miracles

MiraclesAfter yesterdays blog On the subject of Faith, it is only fair that I finish off on something else I touched upon briefly in last nights rambling, the subject of Prayers and Miracles. This is an interesting subject so here are my thoughts, my opinions of what I believe, what I feel is true and in many ways I think it does make a lot of sense. I always say in these type of blogs when I talk about religion is that the greatest gift we ever got from God is our own minds, use it, don’t be lead by the nose, think for yourself.  Continue reading

On the subject of Faith

Have FaithI briefly touched upon this in my end of year ramble run down post A roller coaster year of 2011, a few of you were surprised that me of all people would say I reconciled my faith; saying you of all people believe in God? And the simple answer is yes, never once did I say I didn’t believe. You see it all comes down to faith, how you practice it and how your perceive it.

I’ve always felt that age old adherence to ritual and superstition means you have nothing better to think about, never be led by the nose make your own decisions, know your own mind that is one of Gods gifts to you. This is one of my recurring themes when ever you read a post about religion on this blog. Continue reading