How I would have written Clara Oswin Oswald the ‘new’ Doctor Who Companion

Dr-ClaraNow I’m not really what you would call a huge fan of Doctor Who, its a fun series to watch and it has been really cool seeing a revival of TV series I watched when I was kid; but it’s not really high up on my must watch chart. I have though seen a lot of Doctor Who as my wife is a born-again Whovian and seen some pretty good episodes. Sadly this entire recent season of Doctor Who has been lacking something… Continue reading

A parody counter argument to the bizarro Frank Miller OWS rant meet the Dick Knight

Richard PaceLast week we took an odd trip into bizarro world with a surprising rant from comic book maestro (and I use that lightly now) Frank Miller directed toward the Occupy Wall Street movement, which you can read here (and still feels like a viral marketing effort for Frank Miller’s latest and poorly received book Holy Terror). I also think it was a rant that was surprising more by its source than content than anything else. To counter Frank Miller’s argument, artist Richard Pace put together a Dark Knight parody called Dick Knight which you can view here. Fans of the Dark Knight Returns will really enjoy the style of this page.

Let me make this clear Rob Granito has nothing to do with Project Fabula… Nothing!

Okay this is getting to me and perhaps it was my mistake for posting about Project Fabula in the Facebook group that was started to highlight Rob Granito’s art fraud (click here to view this Facebook group). It was my mistake to think there actually would be indie artists on there looking for paid work. I was wrong the Facebook group is a flash mob looking for the next person to throw on the fire for their entertainment.

Of course everything was okay until one of them accused me of being Rob Granito, yeah nice eh? Sort of screaming at someone and calling them a Witch back in Salom. The end result was today I’ve received two dozen emails of various threat and insult levels from I can only assume people from this Facebook group.

Let me make this perfectly clear… Rob Granito has nothing, NOTHING to do with Project Fabula… NOTHING!!! And I am not Rob Granito I never heard of him until I read about him on What he did was wrong on many levels, what this Facebook group is doing is wrong on many levels as well. You stopped what he was doing good for you, however the fair game attitude on there is sickening. You don’t have the right to invade anyones privacy or feel it is okay to post private details on the internet. Two wrongs do not make a right. Now stop emailing me you bloody sheep and think for yourself. I’m not Rob, I don’t sell traced art and pass it off as my own because I can probably draw better than him! And anyway I’m trying to do make a go at it as a writer.

To learn more about Project Fabula for yourselves click this link –

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