A Quick Draw Challange give me something to do to practice my skills

Mighty-MouseHere is the skinny… You may have noticed a growing collection of images popping up all over on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. What I am trying to do is practice my skills and start working on timed illustrations. Inspired by Dan Nokes I want you to start challenging me to do one illustration a day, this will take place during my quiet time between 4-6pm every evening four days a week. Continue reading

The Cuddly Defenders take on the Monsters under the Bed a quick sketch by Dan Nokes

The Cuddly Defenders by Dan Nokes

The Cuddly Defenders by Dan Nokes

This sketch by Dan Nokes is part of his daily Quick Sketch Challenge where he asks you to challenge him to a illustrate anything from your imagination – you can click here to learn how to take part. I asked to Dan, who is also the artist for A Teddy Bear Tales to draw the Cuddly Defenders Tristan, Wilma and Archer surrounded by the Monsters under the bed. This is also a concept drawing for an idea I am playing with for the first Teddy Bear Tale comic…

A Teddy Bear Tale… Or as we call it a Teddy Bear meets 300 and some Quick Sketch Fun!

300 Teddy Bear

This is Teddy! Quick Sketch by Dan Nokes

Been a long week for me… But, time for a little Quick Sketch Fun. This is Teddy!!! Is brought to you by the Daily Quick Sketch Challenge over on 21st Century Sandshark by Artist in Chief and Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes. The inspiration behind it is part of the pitch when we talk about A Teddy Bear Tale is it’s a Teddy Bear meets 300 for all ages. Be sure to check out the other Quick Sketches I’ve managed to challenge him with and take part in his quick sketch draw here.

A Teddy Bear Tale Book 2 – Concept Art Influencing Story Changes

Concept Art of Tristan on a Clockwork Riding Creature

About half way through the book Tristan rides a many feathered creature with two legs and a long neck. As many of you may know A Teddy Bear Tale artist Dan Nokes runs a daily quick sketch challenge so I asked him to draw a quick concept of Tristan on one of these creatures.

The concept leaned a little on the long-necked two legged description, but also made the Riding Creature more mechanical. Now here is a good example of the art influencing the story;  in this case after seeing the art I thought it would be really cool if these Riding Creatures were actually clockwork and had to be wound to be used with a huge key sticking out of their back. The mental and actual image of Tristan on his mechanical clockwork steed is just too good to pass up, and also helps with a story detail… Stay tuned for more Concept Art updates and please help A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two launch on Kickstarter by clicking here!

Quick Sketch Challenge – Tristan riding a Trike

Quick Sketch Tristan on a bikeDid you know that A Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes runs a daily sketch challenge? Where everyday you can contact him and if he selects your sketch idea he will produce it for you? Over the last few months Dan has knocked out several Quick Sketches which you can check out here. The latest is Tristan riding a trike which also doubles as a tester image for a possible scene in part two of A Teddy Bear Tale… To contact Dan about taking part in his quick sketch challenge hop on over to his website, check out his Quick Sketch Gallery and drop him a line.