The Anatomy Of A Composite Drawing – The Princess Archer & Companions

The Princess Archer by Nick DavisThe Princess Archer story is one of my original Once Upon a Time Adventures called The Wonder Tales, it is the story of a Princess called Gwendolyn who is flung by magic to the Land of the Sun and her journey back to her home – the Ninth Kingdom. On this quest she is joined by Kurt the Wolf Boy, cursed by Baba Yaga to be Werewolf, or Wolf, but never a boy, a nervous faire creature Will O’Wisp and their guide Tobisum the Inch High Samurai. You can read their adventures at The Wonder Tales. Continue reading

Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Elsa From Frozen

Elsa Pencil by Nick Davis

Elsa Pencil by Nick Davis

Every week on Twitter there is a hashtag event called sketch Saturday where various artists of various skill level post a sketch they have done on Saturday. I am now taking part in this event so every other Saturday or so, so watch for #sketchsaturday to appear on my Twitter feed, and follow along. Continue reading

New Release – The Wonder Tales #8 The Princess & the Serpent of Iron Mountain available on the Kindle, Nook & Smashwords

The Princess & the Serpent of the Iron MountainI am very happy to announce a brand new Wonder Tales Issue #8 The Princess & the Serpent of the Iron Mountain. This all ages fairy tale, written for my children for your children, follows the adventures of Princess Gwendolyn and her companions in the Land of the Sun as they try to find their way home.

The Princess & the Serpent of the Iron Mountain
by Nick Davis – The Wonder Tale #8

In a land far, far away travels the Princess Gwendolyn and her companions Kurt the werewolf and Will’O the Wisp all banished from their land by the Evil Witch Isabelle. As she begins her search to find her way home she encounters Tobisum, a Samurai who is one inch in stature, but is mighty in heart. Gwendolyn strikes a deal with him, in return for his help as a guide; she would aid him in his quest to rescue the Woodland Nymph from the Serpent of the Iron Mountain. An adventure that reveals that true courage comes from within.

The Princess & the Serpent of Iron Mountain available for $0.99 in eBook format on the Apple iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords Multi eReader Formats.

In honor of JRR Tolkiens Birthday – A Tolkienesqe Fable, The Archer, the Horse & the Princess

The Wonder Tales, simply a beautiful book

Today was the father of fantasy JRR Tolkiens Birthday, he was born January 3rd, 1892 in Bloemfontein South Africa. In honor of his Birthday I wrote a Tolkeinesque Fable, The Archer, the Horse & the Princess. This story can be found in my collection fairy stories called The Wonder Tales which can be viewed by clicking here.

The Archer  story was an adaptation of a fairy tale told to me by my Grandfather when I was a young boy. Half remembered, retold, and re imagined by me in honor JRR Tolkien. Remember there are no new stories anymore, just different ways of telling them. Thank you JRR Tolkien for opening my eyes to a whole new world.

Domo Arigato,
Nick D