First Look – IDW Josh Adams Doctor Who comic preview is a Tyrannosaurus Rex Matt Smith’s new companion?

Doctor Who & the T-RexA little bit of Doctor Who fun for you courtesy of IDW comics, the image above is from a series of previews done by Josh Adams (son of Neal Adams) who is taking over art duties for the IDW book from Issue #9. The question I have is the T-Rex the Doctors new companion? Rest of the images after the jump. Continue reading

First Look – More The Avengers promo art and news about the Marvel tie-ins

The Avengers Movie PromoWe have a whole year before the release of The Avengers movie and already Marvel is getting ready to ramp up the publicity machine with a series of books based on the movie continuity. These Road To The Avengers mini-series included I Am Iron Man, Iron Man Security Measures, Iron Man 2: Public Identity, Iron Man 2: Agents Of SHIELD and Captain America: First Vengeance of which you can see the possible cover of above… More Superhero movie goodness to come…

Fabula Zero – Sneak Peak at the first fully lettered page of Exposition; here comes Captain Avenger!

Exposition Page OneStill a little work to do the Exposition logo isn’t quite right yet and this page is going to be tweaked a little more. However, I thought you all might want to see a preview of what is to come. Any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated been a while since I’ve done lettering and I’m very rusty.

Sneak Peak at The Life… The Legends of an Englishman, the full first chapter of my next novel in the works…

The Life... The Legend of an EnglishmanThe Life… The Legends of an Englishman
by Nick Davis

Full First Chapter Amazon Preview Page
An Englishman waiting at Heathrow airport about to leave for the USA to be with the love of his life. With no real idea why he is really under taking this journey and leaving everything he ever knew behind. This is his life, his legend and how he got here… To go there… At least 10% truth guarenteed…

Work has begun in earnest on The Life… The Legends of an Englishman my next novel in the works. To give you all a sneak peak of what I am working on I’ve posted the full chapter on Amazon’s Previews click here to view and rate the Chapter preview.

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Read & Rate this preview of my next novel – The Life, the Legends… Of an Englishman

I’m currently working on a novel that is very different to my Paranormal Action Adventure series The Tether Saga, and I want to share a preview of the first ‘roughish’ chapter of the book.

As this work is so different I want to see if I got the tone right, and would love to hear all your thoughts on this. The book when complete is going to be called The Life, the Legend… Of An Englishman, and its based roughly on my adventures that brought me to the USA. You can read and rate the preview by clicking the URL below.