Review – Powers TPB Vol One Who Killed Retro Girl by Brian Michael Bendix & Michael Avon Oeming

Powers Vol One, Who Killed Retro Girl TPB is a very interesting book, its a noir Police procedural drama, that happens to follow a Police Division that investigates Power related crimes. It takes Superhero comics down to ground level, and totally reinvents the genre. From the very beginning you get the message this is not your usually superhero comic book at all.

Powers is from the pen of Brian Michael Bendis who has to be one of the best dialogue writers in comics today. The book follows the investigations of Detectives  Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim. Most of the story involves a lot of walking, talking, clue following and the like; it is after all a Police procedure drama. It doesn’t sound all that enthralling, but add the stylised Batman Anime art work of Michael Avon Oeming, the banter of Bendis and you have an amazing comic book on your hands.

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New Comic Update on PaperDragonInk thoughts on Powers, Zenescope & Penny for your Soul

A new Comic Update has been published over on, check out my thoughts on Powers Volume One, Penny for your Soul#4 and  more Zenescope titles including Sinbad#13 . Check out the Comic Update by clicking here.

Geek out moment with Powers Comic book covers

Over the next three days my local comic book shop Chucks Comics, over here in Essex Maryland (just east of Baltimore) are having a crazy $1 back issue sale (more details at Chucks Comics website by clicking here) I took this opportunity to pick up a huge pile of Powers back issues by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming. Great story, but what I really like about these comics are the covers they are simply amazing!

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