Setting the easy set up pool, just how hard can that be?

Sunday was spent setting up our new 15ft wide pool. An easy task, made easier by it being one of those Intex Easy Set up pools; all you need to do is inflate the ring and then fill it full of water. How hard can that be?

Well, in borrowing those words from Top Gear I found out and little did I know the epic quest this Sunday task would be. The day started easy enough, pick up the Krystal Clear (sounds like a stripper name) saltwater system, and the 120lbs of salt. The only issue was the salt was in one store, and the filter system was in the other, so I made myself a nice little 10 mile circuit to get both items. At the same time I also decided to get a Lawn Mower, which mean’t I could no longer be accused of breaking the Neighbors machine; being a English and leaning towards a viable efficient machine I choose an Electric Mower… Yeah zero man points, but much kudos for the planet.

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