Checking the facts, has President Obama signed over 1000 executive orders?

Barack ObamaI recently had a conversation with a friend of mine, it somehow got into politics as my friend was a Libertarian (a self-defeating political belief that will land you straight into serfdom) and how Obama has signed more Executive Orders than any other USA President in history. I didn’t think this was true, but didn’t want to get into a political argument about it, so I deflected and changed the subject.

Frankly it felt like one of those made-up facts the far-right and those almost too far-gone make up. This ‘executive order fact’ of course niggled at me… So… Today with a little help from Google I did some fact checking, could it be true? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Politics are a Joke…

You will have to excuse this mini-rant, remember I am from a very different country from most of you and see politics here in a much different light.

Last night we were watching the News, checking for closures after the aftermath of Tropical Storm Nicole and generally seeing what damage this huge rain storm did to our local area (we got off light only 5″ of rain). When the commercial break came on, as its election season it was campaign ad after campaign ad, and you know what I noticed?

Not one ad told me what that candidate stood for, all it told me was how badly the other person smelled, how they drank coffee from the wrong side of the cup, parted his hair differently, owned a car with three wheels, how different they were to you, that they wanted power over you and therefore are bad (anyone who notices that irony in that last statement). We are heading into a very important election mid-term here in and I have no idea what policies or even ideals any of them are running on. Its all slam, slam, slam… Nothing of any substance, nothing to mark one candidate from the other…

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