Mr Button’s One Shot Get’s Reviewed On Comic BS

Mr Button The Teddy BearOur favorite psychotic polyester furball has been picked up and reviewed on the weekly comic book Podcast Comic BS!!! This came at me out of the blue (much like Mr B) on New Comic Book Day in a Retweet on Twitter, so not a bad way to start the day.

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The Cuddly Defenders Comic Featured on Full Grown Fan Boys Podcast #TristanLives

Full Grown Fanboys Meet Tristan the Teddy Bear

Today Tristan And The Cuddly Defenders was featured on the Full Grown Fanboys (FGFB) podcast, were the crew give our heroic Teddy Bear comic an awesome shout out, and talk about the Kickstarter too. You can listen to the FGFB Podcast here.

Listen to my debut guest appearance on the SOMETHING AWESOME! Podcast talking about Fabula Exposition

SOMETHING AWESOME! PodcastI know it was last minute, but I got invited to join What Dan Said and his compatriot Alex on their SOMETHING AWESOME! Podcast show on Wednesday night. They invited me to talk about my graphic novel Fabula Exposition.  If you missed the show, you can listen to my debut guest appearance on this fun podcast all about comic books by clicking here to open the stand alone player. My piece starts about 25 minutes in and I get invited to share my thoughts on the new DCnU52 too. Have a listen, it was fun show, it is only two hours long and it passes very quickly. Again thank you to Dan & Alex for having me.

Going LIVE on the SOMETHING AWESOME! Podcast at 8.30 tonight talking about Fabula Exposition

I will be LIVE on the SOMETHING AWESOME! Podcast at 8.30 tonight talking about my graphic novel mashup of Prose/Comic book Fabula Exposition, The Tether Saga and other books. You can listen in here on SOMETHING AWESOME! and you can call in to ask me questions as well! I hope you can tune in…